Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fell In Love by SkyJuiceCoffee

Go fuck yourself she said I pissed her off

I realize my ass is not that tough

Been working out I try to convince her

Why cant you plant some fake she said my love

This is the 77 times Ive been dumped

Im sick and tired of girls who need big bumps

But then I saw an angel pass me by

I set my ass obsess then I come and say hi

Hey you girl

Youre so fine

There is something in my mind

I want to tell you that I fell in love with you

Will you be mine I promise you

I will do anything for you

I want to tell you that I fell in love with you

Yesterday I went out with my girl

I brought her right into my world

We had a drink and dance all night

I played some tricks and it felt so right

By then we were ready to go out

She hold my hand held it so tight

I knew she is drunk and I can see

She said baby will you make love with me

10 oclock we still laid on my bed

Her head stuck right inside my back

Sidle turn I try to pull her out

She wont let go her nose inside

But then I heard my daddy went up

He called my name I said wait up

I dont know what else that I could do

Is this the end of time for me and you

(just wondering.knp aku letak lagu ni?)

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alif-mikail said...

hik hik hik..

apsai koi gelak? jgn tanya

puteriMEGAT said...

nk tnye jgk canew?